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Our Lady of the Holy Rosary (Section R)
This newer section currently offering 420 lots, with the option to add many additional lots in the future. No restrictions on type of marker. You may select from a flat, slant, bevel, or upright with or without a base to identify the gravesite.

Garden of Eternal Memories (Section U)

For those selecting cremation we offer a cremation garden. Size of lot is smaller to accomodate the interment of cremated remains only. One cremation interment per lot. Minimal restrictions on type of marker.

Memorial Section (Section M, Lots 1 to 184)
This section is just right for those who prefer the flat markers only. Each person is required to select only a flat marker that is 2 feet by 1 foot, and lies flush with the ground.

Veterans Section (Block T)
Veterns and spouse section where veteran and spouse are interred side by side.  Both veteran and spouse must agree to select only an individual white marble tablet marker. A tablet marker is one of the selections provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs to an honorably discharged veteran. In order to maintain a uniform appearance only very minimal decorations will be permitted in additon to the flag holder and flag.

American Legion #253 Plot (Section O)
This plot, containing 330 graves, was purchased by Canonsburg Post #253 in 1938. In 1975, Commander Joseph J. D'Amico reaffirmed that burial is limited to members of Post #253 only. An indigent non-member veteran can be buried in the plot only by prior approval of the post executive board. Family and relatives should understand the care and planting of flowers is done by the Canonsburg Veteran's Council and therefore no one is permitted to put anything on the gravesites other than the said council. This is done in order to maintain a uniform appearance of the cemetery plot. Every Memorial Day a dedication ceremony is held at this site.  When Canonsburg Post #253 disbanded the control and management was transferred to Oak Spring Cemetery.  The previous guidelines will be continued.

Veterans Plot (Section E)
Known as the old soldiers lot, the earliest burial was in 1889. Soldiers fought in the Revolutionary War, Spanish-American War, Indian War, Civil War, and World War I.

Russian Orthodox Section (Block A, B, C, D, E, and F)
Earliest burial in this section dates to 1931.

Greek Orthodox Section (Block 14, J, K, L, and V)
The Reverend George Livanos, of the All Saints Greek Orthodox Church, West McMurray Road, recently presided over the blessing of the newest section, Block V.

Block G, W, Sections M, N, P, T
In addition to the specialty lots there is a large selection of lots available in these sections. See our maps for designated areas.

Please contact us regarding pricing of lots - (724) 745-6565

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