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Since 2013 graves have been provide free of charge for qualified veterans.  Graves may be selected from any available sections in cemetery and are not limited to designated veterans sections.

The first known military burial at Oak Spring Cemetery is that of James Ross, who died on February 22, 1781. He was a soldier in the American Revolution and one of eight Revolutionary War soldiers buried at Oak Spring. Buried here are 12 soldiers from the War of 1812; 140 from the Civil War, with one Civil War veteran who actually fought for both sides. The Indian War is represented with several burials that include two soldiers who escaped massacre in General George Armstrong Custer's 7th Cavalry at The Little Big Horn. Soldiers from the Spanish American War, World War I and many from World War II, Korea, as well as Vietnam and the Persian Gulf War lie in repose at Oak Spring, bringing the total number of military men and women to well over eleven hundred.

Oak Spring Cemetery honors its Veterans. Every effort is made to ensure that each veteran has a military marker and flag placed on his or her grave. Volunteers walk the entire cemetery inspecting, repairing and replacing markers and placing flags. A project is currently under way to create a database listing every Veteran's military service, date of death and section of burial. Each military grave has been photographed. Every year, a special Memorial Day service is held to honor our military men and women. Although Veterans are laid to rest in every section at Oak Spring, there are three designated areas specifically for those who have served in the military; the Old Soldier's Plot, the American Legion Post 253 Section and the New Veterans and Spouse Section.

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